Access Levels

Q: How do I choose a user access level?

User - Level 1: A person with Level 1 access has access to our secure web pages, but limited access to your management level reports. This level of access allows the user to use the online raters, view policy information, create certificates of insurance and make changes to their own profile information.

Manager User - Level 2: A person with Level 2 access has the same access as a Level 1 user plus the ability to view the monthly accounting statements and year to date commission information.

Admin User - Level 3: A person with Level 3 access is able to go into all areas of the website as well as make administrative level changes to your agency’s profile. Level 3 users are able to perform website administrative duties for your office and can add, delete, or modify users, set their individual access levels and change agency information such as agency name & address, agency contact information and branch office information.

Online RatersXXX
Access Acord applications & formsXXX
Access Policy InformationXXX
Create CertificatesXXX
View Expiration ReportsXXX
View Accounting Statements XX
Access custom marketing materialsXXX
View Year to Date Commission Information XX
Edit Agency Information  X
Add, Modify, Delete Users  X