Newsletter - Monday, December 19, 2016
Dear Santa,
Here we are again in the middle of December and I'm just now getting around to writing to you. Somehow you always manage to deliver at least a few items on my list. I sure wish I had your gift-giving Super-Powers. Typically I'm running around like a nut from now until the Big Day. If I'm not careful I could find myself shopping in Wal-Mart after midnight one of these years. I will always remember what you said, "The true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart." That's why I promise, even though I personally have few needs, I will write to you every year.
I've noticed that even though the temperatures have dipped way below freezing, some of the staff here at Tuscano don't wear coats to work, yet there are others that wear a coat in the office! Could you do two things for me? First, bring coats to all the poor souls who either don't have one or can't find theirs. And second, could you help us figure out how to get the office temperature consistent so cold people are warm and warm people aren't sweating?
The Auto Team has a special request for a new long-haul trucking market. I just know you have one up there in your workshop. Please, please can you put the Tuscano Agency's name on it and drop it under our tree? 
You probably know this already, but Josh, our help desk genius, is planning to run across Haiti in February. That's 230 miles and in just 7 days! Since he is so generous and giving to the people of Haiti, I'm thinking he might need a new pair of his favorite Luna running sandals by the time this is all done.
It just so happens that both Sam and Grace will be graduating next spring. Grace will receive a degree in International Business Management and Economics from Dickinson College. Sam will graduate from high school. I was hoping you could put a job offer, perfectly suited for my daughter, in her stocking. And for Sam, could you put an acceptance letter to just the right college in his stocking? And could you make it a school that has a great environment, doesn't require an SAT score, and doesn't cost as much as Dickinson!  
We've been making some headway with our remodel project. Pretty soon we'll have an awesome new space for our commercial underwriting teams. Since everyone is getting one of those fancy new stand-up desks. Do you think you could help us out with a cone of silence around each desk while we are at it?
New business submissions are always the perfect gift for my office. We love working on new and challenging insurance risks. We are continuously improving our skills, our access and our service for our customers. I think we are ready for the challenge so feel free to spread the word to all of our customers that Tuscano Loves to write their Brokerage Business!
Tuscano Personal Lines is knocking it out of the park with homeowner and dwelling business. They have a market for nearly every type of home (I'll bet you've visited most of them!). Just like you, it doesn't matter to us if they are low value or multi-million dollar properties, please let our customers know we can get the job done for them!   
Teri says I can't have a puppy until I retire.  Can you please, please change her mind? 
Finally, I'd like to ask for a bigger than normal dose of Christmas Spirit that could last us for the whole year. There's so much turmoil in our country right now and I just know you could help folks overcome their fears and hurts. If nothing else, the holidays are a time of love, hope, and grace and I expect that's what we all need to hold on to for the next few years. As I always say, Go BIG or Go Home! 
Love Ya Santa!