Newsletter - Thursday, February 2, 2017
If you are a fan of PBS's Masterpiece Theater then you have to love the new Sherlock Holmes series. Not only are the characters witty but the storyline is clever and unlike most of what is on the TV, unpredictable! I also love that the episodes are nearly an hour and a half long so I get a full fix without binge-watching!!

As a much younger man, I took up two unusual (for me) habits. First I started smoking a pipe (pipe tobacco only I assure you). I grew to love my pipe. None of my friends smoked (a pipe) so I mostly smoked at home or in the car. I also learned to play chess because I thought it would make me smarter. Looking back I think I just wanted to be more like Sherlock Holmes! I wanted to be able to see 'around corners', but unfortunately, chess and pipe-smoking weren't going to give me that skill.

Neither organizations nor individuals know what lies ahead for themselves. You can't see the future but you can plan for it!

Tuscano Agency's strategy is to learn what it is you need in the brokerage space, communicate better about the broad range of risks we can place, and give you such a great customer experience you will keep coming back. I'm not sure that is exactly a strategy but it fits pretty well with what the Tuscano Agency is and the values we hold. 

When it comes to writing brokerage property, I have to say our Property/Package team has been doing a great job! They are experts at writing property-based accounts such as restaurants, habitational, or vacant buildings! Look no further when you have a coastal property risk, an urban market, or a property that's had some losses. If your standard carrier seems to be hesitant to offer terms on a property account, pick up the phone and talk to us! Tuscano underwriters are happy to discuss a risk and strategize how to get the account written. They are regular Sherlocks when it comes to solving the case!

Call Tuscano First! It's Elementary!