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News and Views: Tuscano Culture

Newsletter – Wednesday, December 1, 2021
I’ve been thinking a lot about the culture here at Tuscano after recent discussions with the leadership team on this topic. The fact that Tuscano is growing and that there is a new executive team taking the helm makes it inevitable that we will change and evolve, as all growth demands. We have gone through growing pains in the past, so we are very intentional about keeping our positive culture, our team spirit, and our commitment to customer service – all of these are non-negotiable. In the words of D. L. Moody, “If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me”.
It seems like our reputation is a pretty good barometer for future success. Just last week, I received an unprompted email from a customer who praised our culture. Her experience working with our people has been so positive she just had to send us a ‘Yahoo’. I live for emails and calls like this, so I reached out to thank her for noticing. It doesn’t cost anything for people to be helpful, but the combination of expertise and customer service means the job gets done and the customer knows the difference. That’s the reputation we at Tuscano Agency want to have for the next 51 years!
That’s not to say that we can’t improve our reputation! You remember in high school the kids that got labeled ‘smart’, ‘popular’, or ‘nerd'? I wonder where they are today? That gal with the ‘smart’ label could be running her own company! Tuscano has worn a label from our earliest days – I always think of you as really "great for small business". Well, that’s not who we are anymore. We are great for ALL BUSINESS!
Tuscano is strategically positioning ourselves to grow our middle market and large account portfolio and market capabilities. While attending the WSIA Annual Marketplace we met with over two dozen markets, several of which would bring new opportunities to write large excess, property, umbrella, and more. This goes hand in hand with our recent addition of a dedicated brokerage team led by Linda Bobro & Jeremy George.
I’d like to shine a spotlight on Linda, and if you are from the Pittsburgh region, you know her reputation. But for our many friends and customers elsewhere, I’d encourage you to get to know her – which is to love her! While anything brokerage is her forte, she has specific expertise in excess, professional and environmental risks. Jeremy George, who has built our marketing team for the past several years, will be working side by side with Linda to seek out this business and write it!
Tuscano has always written brokerage business. Jeremy and Linda will focus on tougher and more complex accounts that tend to be higher in premium. While some shops will categorize brokerage by premium size, we believe we can help on many types and sizes of accounts that fall outside of what most underwriters see and handle. What I can say is that Linda and Jeremy are very responsive and knowledgeable and will tell it to you straight; they know the markets and know they have to earn their opportunities. Whether you have a complex account or one that’s grown out of favor with your current market, that spells opportunity for us.
Have a great day!
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