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News and Views: Dear Santa...

Newsletter – Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Oh my Santa!

I can’t believe it’s December 15th already and I’m just now sitting down to write you. I suppose you know (you know everything) that I’ve handed over many of my day-to-day responsibilities for running Tuscano, though I still have more than enough work to keep me occupied. It wasn’t until Teri and I queued up our favorite holiday movies last weekend (It’s a Wonderful Life and Polar Express) that I remembered I hadn’t sent you my letter yet. I hope the Spirit of Christmas will give everyone around the world just a bit of joy and hope for a better and brighter New Year! For what it’s worth, here’s my list:

  • I would love a rawhide chewy in my stocking, not for me mind you. Esther is only two and still loves to chew on things.
  • I might take some heat for this one, but pretty please can you send some of the snow from the North Pole to Western Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains? Now that I can come in late to the office, I’d love to get more XC skiing time on the mountain.
  • Our hearts go out to all of the folks in the Midwest that were impacted by the recent storms and tornados. I’d be OK if you want to divert a few of my presents to them. Esther says she’s OK with sharing her chewies too.
  • Will we ever see more capacity in the Trucking market? This would be a real gift to all of the guys and gals that keep the ‘wheels’ of the economy turning. They surely could use some help with their insurance and Tuscano Commercial Auto team would love to be the ones to the rescue.
  • Sometimes the best gifts are the people we have in our life and on our team. I just have to say, we have the best team of brokers, underwriters, and everyone that supports our mission to deliver insurance solutions.
  • This must be an early present Santa, because we just secured a new market that can write our $10M plus property accounts! SOOOO Excited! We are well on our way to making our customers’ brokerage dreams come true when you add that to our ability to write Environmental, high-limit XS/Umbrella, and hard-to-place GL as well! So, if you would be so kind, please fill Linda and Jeremy’s stockings with a bunch of great brokerage submissions to write!!
  • Please bring something extra special for the Tuscano Marketing team while you are at it. This Tuscano team has been doing some downright amazing things! I hear they have filed over 6000 hours of Free CE for our customers! They specifically asked me, to ask you, to spread the word about their On a Roll Podcast – a few thousand more subscriptions would be swell!
  • The greatest gift of all is one that allows me to be a blessing to others. As always, I am conscious of the many people around the world and in my own community that have suffered much this past year and I’d be honored to help you bring joy in any way I can.

I’ll have the scotch and cookies out for you!!



Rob Tuscano

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