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News and Views: Telework or Office Work?

Newsletter – Monday, January 17, 2022
Part of being old-school means I love working in the office. In fact, I’ll tell you how much I love the office vibe - even if I had credible internet service where I live, I’d still want to make the 30-minute, 10 traffic light, 20-mile Lincoln Highway commute to our office. These days most Tuscano staff are either hybrid or permanently working off-site. On the few days people are in, I just love to see folks.
Being around people, especially people who love what they do and truly care about the difference they make in a customer’s day, is what energizes me. I’m sure you have experienced this – folks who go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of or who believe their interactions with you can brighten your day. Most recently, Teri and I were flying to Austin, TX for a little golf-BBQ-music-birthday getaway. If you have flown or listened to the news lately, you probably know the levels of anxiety with air travel are high. Will my flight be delayed? Will it be canceled? How am I ever going to survive wearing this mask for the next 5-7 hours? I am happy to say that there are people in the airline industry who are sincere, pleasant, and customer-service-driven, and that goes a long way to counterbalance travel angst. You know, that’s exactly what you and I strive to do for the insurance consumer, take the anxiety out of the insurance transaction wherever possible.
Working with a professional is critical to having a good experience, whether they fly planes, build houses, or provide insurance solutions. I’m just saying, Tuscano people are smart, professional, and nice. They will make your day just a little bit better.
One of the things we do around here is to think about how we can take the customer experience at Tuscano up another notch AND as a bonus, lighten the load of our underwriting teams so they can focus on underwriting. We get hundreds of calls every week inquiring about payments – did my insured pay the company? What does my insured owe? Why did my insured get a cancellation notice? SO many questions in fact we decided to create a new Payment Specialist position within the accounting department. Brenda Ribar joined the agency a little over three months ago. She quickly learned insurance lingo (DNOC, audit, agency bill, direct bill), how to navigate dozens of carrier websites, and whom to call to get answers quickly. She’s been flying solo for several weeks and we quickly realized just how vital being able to answer the question, “Has this been paid?” is to our customers! Not only is Brenda professional, knowledgeable and responsive, but she’s also nice! Please make a note of this new contact at Tuscano and pass it along to your co-workers; if you have a question related to a policy payment just call 1-866-442-8063 ext. 702, or email She will brighten your day and, we think, give you one more reason to make Tuscano your first choice for insurance brokerage.
Market access and customer service go hand in hand. And we think that Tuscano Agency gives you the best of both worlds. One class that is becoming increasingly difficult is Personal Habitational Business. Whether the dwelling is occupied by the owner, is a rental property, or a short-term vacation rental, Tuscano’s Personal Lines team does a great job finding the best market and program for the risk. Your needs may be for coastal, high-value, urban, or unprotected risks. You can have confidence that we have insurance solutions. While you are at it, be sure to inquire about a stand-alone Personal Umbrella, Private Flood coverage, or even stand-alone Dog Bite liability. Tuscano Can Do It!
If reliable insurance solutions and amazing customer service aren’t enough for you, I’ll throw in my pet frog.
Have a smiley day!
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