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News and Views: From Family To Team

Newsletter – Monday, August 1, 2022

My daughter Grace lives in Boston. After graduating in 2017 she decided that’s where she wanted to live, so we drove her up there and dropped her off. She seems to love it as much as she thought she would, and no wonder. It’s a big city with lots going on, certainly lots more than Greensburg, PA! I have gone to Boston many times over the last 5 years and she has come home often (but never enough for Dad!). This past week was a great surprise, Grace didn’t just come home but she came home and brought some friends. We've finally arrived; we get to be the parents whose kids aren’t afraid will be weird around their friends! I have to say I did worry a little about the menus: what will they like to eat, what are my best specialties, what will be ready to pluck from the garden, will it all come together just right? Don’t overthink it, Rob!


I have to say that it was an amazing weekend, that all her friends were super friendly, and we had many interesting conversations. Friends are people that care about each other and make shared experiences better. And Grace’s friends were all that and more! I’ve met some of these friends before and heard many stories, but having them as guests is different. When you open your home to someone you get to know them on a deeper level. While they’re all very familiar with each other they never seemed to hesitate to include us in the conversation, wanting to hear our stories (mostly about Grace growing up) or our opinions about life.


Your kids are your kids no matter how old they get or how close they live to you. They are something that will always tie you together because you care for them, and because you want the best for each other. Grace is in a wonderful place at this point of her life, with great friends, a great city, and a great job, and confident enough to share with her parents!


Over the years we have used the word family to describe the Tuscano Agency and while that is true, we have come to believe that a great team is a better description of our culture. We encourage each other, we pitch in and help one another, we have each other’s backs, and we help people develop their skills to advance to the next stage of their careers. I love seeing our more seasoned employees mentor our newer hires. It has been a great privilege of my career to watch people develop and succeed. It has always taken time, but it also takes someone who wants to move ahead and someone willing to share their knowledge and experiences for this to happen. We foster that environment and believe that it has served us well. Yet another reason I love coming to work at the Tuscano agency! While we’re talking about culture, I’d like to let everyone know that our office will close at 2 pm on Friday, August 5 as we’re gathering our entire staff to celebrate together at a local resort. We believe that having fun together is an investment in our culture!


It seems like everyone has a side job these days (I guess they call them side hustles now). I started seeing it more in the early days of the pandemic, as people began to re-evaluate their careers and life choices. Everything I’ve read says it’s not all about the extra money, although that can’t hurt in this economy! Side hustles also provide empowerment, autonomy, and increased social interactions, and can make you more engaged in your primary job (your main hustle?). How many of your clients have side hustles? The Tuscano Agency has markets to cover most in-home businesses. We write everything from crafters and bakers to DJs and photographers (including the associated drone exposure). Give one of our experienced underwriters a call to learn how we can help with your clients’ in-home business exposures, and how to close the coverage gap on their standard Homeowners policy.


I'd love to receive feedback on how we are doing; call or drop me an email.



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