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News and Views: Being Together

Newsletter – Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I have a great team. Everyone that works at the Tuscano Agency is fully engaged and committed to our success. They all believe in our mission: We are a team of professionals who care. We make our customers' day with wholesale insurance solutions and a first-class customer experience. 

I’m proud of my team, and the culture that we’ve built together. If I had to distill our culture down into a soundbite, I’d describe it as a culture of cooperation and caring. The team pitches in and helps each other out, shares knowledge and resources, and they care deeply about their customers, both external (that’s you) and internal (their co-workers).

To celebrate our success and invest in our culture, we took the whole team away to a local resort the first weekend in August. We’ve got a significant number of teammates who work remotely full-time. We had folks in town from FL, NY, SC, VA, and VT, not to mention those that drove in from the other side of PA. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with the people that we don’t often get the chance to see face-to-face. 

It was a lot of fun. We had some great food, there were bands and dancing, we played some games and took advantage of the resort’s outdoor activities, and there was no shortage of adult beverages. We even had a motivational speaker who taught us a little about how to improve our world-class internal culture.

The best part for me was just watching how much everyone enjoyed each other’s company. We all really like each other, and we relish the opportunity to spend that time together. My grandfather always used to say, “we work hard, and we play hard.” I can attest to the fact that we played hard that weekend!

Do you need a team of dedicated insurance professionals to advocate on your behalf and provide solutions that you can deliver to your customers? Of course you do! Give one of our expert underwriters a call the next time you need help with a wholesale insurance placement.

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I hope that you’re having a great summer. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost over! Fall will be here before we know it, time to break out those flannels and sweaters. That reminds me, our office will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 5.

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