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Newsletter – Thursday, September 15, 2022

If anyone asks me if I've read the 'classics,' I coyly respond "Sure, I love Dr. Seuss". I think some of my most important values came from the pages of Yertle the Turtle, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and of course, Oh, the Places You'll Go. These books taught me about the downfall of pride, the importance of trying new things, family affection, and adventure! If all I needed to know I learned in kindergarten, then it was Dr. Seuss that taught me.

As I have traveled the world and experienced so many adventures, these books resonate. From hiking in the Alps, seeing the wildlife of the African savannah, enjoying the wines of Italy, to holding my baby daughter in China, the places I've gone to have shaped my life. There is no question that I am extremely blessed to have these amazing experiences, but more important are all of the people I've met, the conversations I've had, and the insight I've gained from these folks whose paths I've crossed.

Most great leaders didn't show up as superstars out of the gate, especially me! My runway has been a long one, but once I got in the air, I figured it out. The classics from Stephen Covey and John Maxwell have helped, but mixing in some Dr. Seuss can't hurt. I'll bet that, like me, some of the best people you have met have been in this industry. Some of those are likely to be relationships you've built with the people who work for the companies you represent in your agency. I'm here to make the case that you can have the same quality relationships and confidence in the people at Tuscano Agency.

Standard carriers have been successful because they create 'lanes' they stay in. It's what allows them to analyze and predict their business outcomes. There is enough business that falls inside the lines for them to sustain their business model, but what happens when an account drifts over the line or changes lanes altogether? This is when you should be calling Tuscano! We love to write marginal, difficult, or XXL accounts. Combine a good submission with a good story, and often the insurance is placed.

Even Special Events can be tough to write, and Fall is the season we see so many of them! We can help you place community festivals, sporting events, food festivals, fairs, and parties. And don't forget the Halloween-centric events like corn mazes, hay rides, and haunted houses. It is very quick and easy to quote an event using our Online Rater. If you have a risk you need help with, don't hesitate to give us a call!

How a kid who learned to read from Dr. Seuss became an insurance broker is pure luck! But you don't have to rely on luck to write your brokerage business. Instead, look for people who are friendly, service-minded problem-solvers. Call Tuscano!

"You have to be odd to be number one." – Dr. Seuss


Have an epic day!

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