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News and Views: Dear Santa

Newsletter – Thursday, December 15, 2022

Dear Santa,

It’s that time of year again! I can only imagine what it’s like for you and your team of elves, wrapping up billions of presents and mapping out your GPS directions for Christmas eve. I’m curious whether air travel has gotten as *difficult for you as it has been for me in the last year (*I wanted to say a bad word here, but I don’t want coal in my stocking). 

Sometime in the last 10 years, our office has become a dog-friendly place to work. Of course, I wouldn’t say this to the other dog parents at Tuscano, but I think my pup Esther is the cutest! Could you bring her a cool new collar that says, ‘Santa’s Favorite’?

The Tuscano Transportation Team is something else; they take care of their customers, and they take care of each other! Lately, they are killing it, writing dump trucks. Santa, please spread the word that no other broker on the planet does as good a job writing trucking business. I also heard they could use an extra kitchen outlet for their air fryer.

The Christmas Spirit has descended on the Property, Package & Hospitality team. They got into the ‘spirit’ so much that all the boozie bottles under their tree were empty. Not to worry, Santa, they just like to share. If you could restock their supplies, even better. See if you can keep them stocked up with new business risks they can write too.

The Tuscano Brokerage Team has been knocking on doors and writing business, especially large environmental accounts! Since they are in the habit of going out on the road to drum up business, could you leave a couple of hazmat suits under the tree for them? Safety first and all that!

Our Casualty and Professional Lines teams have been kicking butt all year long. They deserve a pair of your big black Santa boots because they walk all over the competition!

 The IT team got a brand-new data center this year. Oh my, how far we’ve come from a shelf in an office! But I was wondering, is there any way we could get the solar panels on our building to step it up and cover the increase in our electric bill?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure I asked for a new ‘look’ for our website last year. Well, our Marketing and IT Dev Team got the job done! They deserve much more than an ‘atta boy for this, so maybe you could get them all fancy new headsets because I heard that’s what computer people like.

I could never forget our Personal Lines team in this mix. They are like the poster children for Team Tuscano. Please send them some new Tuscano swag, OK? And a few more people for their department because they keep getting promotions!

And because I don’t want to think of only myself and the Tuscano Agency, do you think you could find a couple of affordable rising stars to join the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise?

Santa, we always appreciate everything you bring on Christmas Day and all year long. But all of us at Tuscano would rather give than receive. And so, in the Spirit of Christmas, we would like ask for peace and security to all of the people facing hardship and displacement around the world and in our communities. And we want to wish all our customers and friends in the insurance industry Peace and Joy and the Happiest of New Years.

Cookies and scotch will be left in the usual place.

I still believe!


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