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News and Views: New Year, New Risks

Newsletter – Monday, January 16, 2023

Happy New Year! 

A New Year always makes me a little reflective, so I hope you’ll indulge me for a paragraph or two. Jinny and I led this organization for 30 years, which means we were babies when Bill retired! The gift our father gave us when he turned over the reins was that he walked out the door and never looked back. In other words, he didn’t manage over our shoulders! Of course, he still stopped by the office on a regular basis to visit the girls, put his feet up on an empty desk, and have a cup of extra-strong coffee. I can’t say I’ve done the same for Robin since he’s stepped into his role. I’m biding my time until he tells me I need to give him my office!

To be honest, I am not exactly looking forward to that day. For one thing, I have accumulated a ton of stuff that has been jammed into and on credenzas, shelves, and file cabinets. I recently came across a magic eightball that Jinny gave me years ago. Do you remember them? Ask it a question, shake it up, and voilà you got a Maybe Yes or Definitely Not. The joke wasn’t lost on me! Fortunately, I have always been surrounded by a great team. When we needed to get something done, we would get it done together. Some things won’t change, even though the years and the leadership does!

We are a wholesale broker with quite a few awesome teams. One of them is our Hospitality Team, who focuses specifically on business related to the hospitality industry. They write all lines of business for bars, restaurants, and clubs, as well as the residual business operations that have anything to do with food service or alcohol! This is a core line of business for Tuscano, but also one that has its ups and downs! Think about the fact that less than three years ago, the challenges of the pandemic were monumental for this industry. Thankfully we are seeing many of these businesses bouncing back and a lot of new start-ups. Call us if you are working on a restaurant, a food truck, or a neighborhood bar. We’d be happy to help you!

There have been some shake-ups in the commercial auto world recently – go figure. Right now, it seems like dump trucks are being targeted, with at least one major player pulling out of this line of business. Not to worry! The Tuscano Transportation Team loves dump trucks, and so do our markets. Call an underwriter to discuss a risk or to learn more about our appetites for this business, especially if you have a renewal coming up soon. Kelli, Matt, Ryan, and Dana are experts and happy to help.

I wish the best for you in this coming year. We here at Tuscano are thankful for the business you send our way, but more importantly, for your friendship and trust. We are in it for the long haul and intend to keep growing. Thank you for the opportunities we have to write your brokerage business through Robin’s tenure and beyond!

I hope you see much success, good health, and great happiness in the years to come!

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