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News & Views: Cheers to Change

Newsletter – Monday, May 1, 2023

I was born at the tail-end of the baby boom generation so you have to forgive me if I tend to reminisce a lot when I write this newsletter. I saw my sister grimace when I made a passing remark that compared the advent of ChatGPT to the internet; “It’s Revolutionary,” I said. I guess I should have caught on that much of my audience has only ever known a world with ‘the internet.’

We’ve come a long way since landlines and paper maps! But I will tell you one thing that I don’t ever want to see get replaced: the skill and expertise of a classically trained Commercial P&C underwriter!

Our very own Dina Papas is a prime example of just such an underwriter. Having worked with Tuscano for over 20 years, Dina has planned for her retirement and will begin enjoying it at the end of April. In fact, when I asked ChatGPT to help me write something nice about Dina, she had this to say:

“…Dina’s contributions have been immeasurable, and all of us are deeply grateful for her dedication and hard work. Her guidance, wisdom, and willingness to share her expertise with customers and co-workers alike has been instrumental in helping many of us achieve our goals and grow our potential. Dina has left an indelible mark on our organization, and her legacy will continue to live on through the many lives she touched.”

ChatGPT took the words out of my mouth. We will miss Dina!

We are fortunate to have many wonderful and talented teammates throughout the Tuscano organization. One team that bears mention is the Hospitality Team. Lily, Betsy, Jessica, Amy and Mike focus on hospitality risks; bars, restaurants, diners, social clubs, breweries, and food trucks, just to name a few you might think of. If the risk involves food, liquor, or entertainment, then they are your go-to team! Their expertise includes navigating the marketplace and providing the right coverage for your client. Give them a call or email us; we are happy to discuss your risk and give you the best advice on obtaining a great quote.

And never fear, when we chat with you, there is human intelligence on the other side of the conversation!

As always, I'd love to receive feedback on how we are doing; call or drop me an email.


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