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Newsletter – Thursday, June 8, 2023

It’s graduation season! Congratulations to all the proud moms and dads out there in insurance land. That’s why we do this job, right? Because we love our Gen Z people, we work hard so they can find work they love.

Believe me; it’s not always easy finding work you love. Sometimes we need to leap into the workforce to really find out where our natural abilities are hiding. I mean, how many of us ever thought we’d be insurance professionals? My daughter Grace took the time during the pandemic to go back to school to study creative design and user experience. It wasn’t until she had her first job and was exposed to so many different career paths that she understood how she could combine her skills for design with her company’s need for branding to deliver a better message. My path was a little more direct – join the family business and learn how to do everything!

The summer is heating up fast with new business opportunities. Keep us top of mind for your habitational risks: everything from single-family dwellings to schedules of properties to mixed occupancies and apartment buildings. Our Property/Package team has access to the best markets, and they are writing a lot of what they are quoting. If you have a risk to place, give them a call.

Another HOT class we are writing a lot of is Excess Liability. We’re seeing everything from small contractors that need another $1M of limits to larger accounts with significant exposure that need another $25M layer. Some of these risks will fall into our casualty team, while others may go to our Brokerage team. You can call either team and describe the risk, and they’ll get you to the right underwriter.

There are plenty of things happening around the agency; in case you missed the announcement earlier this month, Tuscano is adopting a summer hours schedule. We will be closing at 3 PM on Fridays from May 26th through September 1st. Keep that in mind when you need to wrap up an account and get a binder delivered!

We also have an enhancement to our Ivans policy download. We will now be able to include the surplus lines tax and policy fee details in the Line of Business Coverages section for most management systems. Look for this in the download starting next week. If you aren’t receiving downloads from Tuscano, check out the Ivans Policy Download information on our website to learn more about receiving policy downloads from us.

By now, you should know that Tuscano is deeply invested in insurance education. We provide several Online CE courses each month along with other online learning opportunities to hone business and insurance coverage skills. Check out the whole list of webinars available on our Events page.

What can I say? We have a lot of talented people with natural insurance abilities! Tuscano wants to help you place your brokerage business, and we’ll make it so easy you might get to leave early on Friday too! But don’t tell your boss I said that.

Thanks for your business!



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