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News and Views: Casting the Line

Newsletter – Monday, October 2, 2023

October 2nd, 2023

When is it that your life exceeds your expectations? My philosophy is to either have low expectations or take advantage of every opportunity. I may have succeeded in both. I have been traveling to great places a lot in the last month. One of these trips was to carry on a long tradition of fishing with two great friends. I love the idea of fishing, and I love to catch fish, but these guys are really fishermen. They say never let catching fish get in the way of a great day of fishing. To make it even more amazing, this trip included fishing and catching. 

We went to the Barkley Bay off Vancouver Island in British Columbia. That part of the world is absolutely beautiful. The water was crystal blue, clear, and cold, and the mountains jetted out of the bay to reach up and touch the sky. The eagles flew overhead, and the salmon swam in the water waiting for their turn to run upstream. With little internet connection except at the lodge, it was easy to relax and focus on just being present (fun fact, dear readers, I struggle with that a lot). We’d start fishing about 6:00 in the morning and get back to the lodge with our limit in time for cocktails by 3:00. Bringing home 55 pounds of salmon is again a huge extra. I am blessed to have such good friends; we enjoy the experiences together and have the ability to go. I hope I never take life for granted. 

Fishing is a good metaphor for looking for business. You take the boat to the right spot where you know the fish hang out. You bait the hook and pay attention. When you get a hit and set the hook, you keep the right amount of tension on the line so the salmon can’t get off. Then, when they have fought long enough and are tired, you reel them in close to the boat and net them. 

In our business, you identify brokers that are professional and have business practices that align with yours, focusing on relationships and service. Building trust and sharing the knowledge about the exposures and coverages you need to communicate to your customers. We are looking for the right opportunities so that we can deliver the best results and clearly communicate the promises of what comes with the Tuscano Agency. I hope you have experienced that. By no means do we want to put a hook in your mouth and drag you into the boat!

While I enjoy catching some fish better than others, I am never going to be disappointed when I catch something, be it a salmon or a bluegill, I’m happy. That’s how we work at the agency; we love writing all your brokerage business, whether it’s a special event or the most complicated professional liability coverage your customer needs. We have been writing a lot of in-home assisted living coverages, be it just companion-type care or true professional visiting-provider exposure. We have markets for all types of different circumstances. On top of having the right markets, we are providing a free continuing education webinar on October 11th and 18th that discusses the types of exposures and needs for coverage. We pride ourselves on being specialists at the Tuscano Agency, along with our ability to support all your needs.

As always, I’d love to hear how we’re treating you. Please call or drop me a line to let me know!


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