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News and Views: Unwrapping Joy

Newsletter – Friday, December 1, 2023

December 1st, 2023

When I was a kid, the countdown to Christmas was what I lived for. That and opening the cardboard windows on the Advent Calendar. Christmas is coming! Hooray! And while my childhood outlook on Christmas was entirely centered on what was under the tree come Christmas day, I’m more of a gifter now, and that’s what I really look forward to.

Unfortunately, I am a rather anxious Christmas shopper; I simply lack that chromosome. But it is important to me that I give thoughtfully and when at all possible, buy locally. Fortunately, I live in a little village with all kinds of cool, independently-owned boutique shops. It makes the experience much more gratifying to know I am supporting local businesses, and in doing so, I am likely to find that one unique gift that truly says, “I know you.” 

I know the world is flat, but I will always advocate for local business including the appreciation for the independent insurance agency system. I know you see yourself not only as an insurance professional but as a neighbor that is there when disaster strikes – what a gift, and one I am truly thankful for. 

I think a spirit of thankfulness and appreciation abounds within the Tuscano organization. I hear from the staff nearly daily that they appreciate each other and this company. We hear from our customers that Tuscano staff routinely deliver exceptional customer service. Hopefully, we’ll end up on your “nice” list, and you’ll think of us first (and give us a last look) for your brokerage business! We know you have a choice about the broker you use – we appreciate that you choose to do business with Tuscano.

I’m very grateful that the Tuscano Agency has great options for private flood insurance. Flood insurance has certainly evolved over the years, and we are seeing private markets doing a great job competing for this business. Whether you are looking for flood coverage for a personal dwelling or a commercial property, we make it easy to get a quote when you use our online flood tool for submitting your business. The benefit is you complete one simple online form for either personal commercial flood and we can go out to our markets to find you the best coverage and pricing option. Other fantastic options we can offer for commercial properties are business interruption for flood, high limits, or excess flood limits.

Don’t forget that Tuscano offers CE every month, and that’s a gift that keeps on giving! Check out our many webinar and CE webinar offerings on our website. This month, we’re covering insurance strategies for last-mile logistics, which I heard was a special request from none other than my old friend Santa. 


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