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Newsletter – Tuesday, February 6, 2024

February 15th

I recently received a nice surprise in the mail. One of our customers is an amateur genealogist, and while researching old newspapers online he came across an article on the passing of William N. Tuscano, the owner of the Knickerbocker Silver Company in Port Jervis, NY. Suspecting that this was a relative of ours, he did some further searching and confirmed that this was, in fact, my great-great-grandfather. 

Our customer happens to have grown up in Port Jervis, and his wife (and partner in the agency) grew up in Milford, PA, where their office is located. I knew that my great-grandfather had a farm in Milford and that my grandfather grew up there. I didn’t know much about the original W.N. Tuscano, so I really appreciated receiving this information. I love hearing about how we’re all connected!

He enclosed several newspaper articles about my family.  Apparently, my great-great-grandfather had a daughter named Regina who died in a train accident in 1906, aged 11. Interestingly, she and I share a birthday! There was also an item from the Pike County Dispatch that described my grandparents’ wedding in 1948.  Other items included my great-grandfather’s WWI draft card and my grandfather’s WWII draft card. 

I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of this gesture, and it made me stop and consider the nature of our relationships with our customers. It’s more than just a business relationship with us, it’s personal. We like the people that we work with, and we want to be liked by them. We’ve been the recipient of so many wonderful compliments and acts of kindness over the years that I know that the feeling is mutual.

Can you believe that it’s already mid-February? Spring is just around the corner and, with that comes melting snow and ice and…flood season! We’ve heard some rumblings on the street about a major provider of flood insurance that is beginning to limit their distribution. If this impacts you, or if you’re just looking for a competitive private flood option for your clients, give one of our knowledgeable and experienced underwriters a call to discuss!

As always, I’d love to hear how we’re treating you. Please call or drop me a line to let me know!


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