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Download Configuration

The following information will assist you when updating your agency management system to receive policy download. Please note that if you are not sure on how/where to enter any of this information into your agency management system, you should contact your agency management system vendor for help.

Ivans Download will be coming from MGA Resource. (Tuscano's Management System)
Y Account: MGAR
Machine Address: IBM724MGAR
Tuscano NPN#: 2005693
Current Lines of Business Available as of 11/23/2022
  • General Liability (CGL)
  • Commercial Auto
  • Dwelling Fire & Homeowners
Supported Policy Transactions
  • Cancellation Confirmation (XLC)
  • New Business (NBS)
  • Policy Change (PCH)
  • Premium Audit (PAB)
  • Renewal (RWL)
  • Reinstatement (REI)
General Liability Policy Number format:
There is no format. Every carrier we work with uses their own policy number schema
Company Unique Coverage Codes
Here are the coverage codes that you may need for your download setup with MGA Resource.
Code Description
ABUSE Abuse & Molestation Coverage
ERP Extended Reporting Period
CCLDF Customer Complaint Legal Defense
COMCL Commercial General Liability - Claims Made
COMGL Commercial General Liability
CPL Comprehensive Personal Liability
ENHAN Liability Enhancement Endorsement (Music ONLY)
FARM Farm & Ranch Coverage Part
FLAT Flat Charge
HOLE Hole In One
INCGL Increased GL limits
LIFT Lift Legal
LIQAB Liquor Liability A & B Buyback
OVER Overspray Buyback Coverage
PCAT Personal Catastrophe Liability
PNOC Primary & Noncontributory
PROD Products Liability
PROFA Professional Liability Limit in Addition to GL
PRMED Premises Medical Payments
PUDL Pickup and Delivery Trips
STKL Storekeepers liability
TERR Terrorism Risk Insurance
UTICA Utica First Cyber Liability Charge
WARE Warehouseman's Legal Liability
WCAS Work Comp Assessment
WCOMP Workers Comp
WCSP Work Comp Split
WTRBU Water Back Up
NAIC Codes
Load this listing into your agency management system. Please note, our NAIC codes will have an 'M' appended to the code to distinguish them as brokerage carriers through MGA Resource/Tuscano. Alien Insurers such as Lloyds of London will have a 6-digit code with no 'M'.
Download the company NAIC codes list.
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