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We currently offer General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Dwelling Fire & Homeowners.

Not at this time. After we complete the project to download our first four lines of business, we’ll assess our next steps.

You will receive download directly from Tuscano.This will include data for all carriers that we place business with for the lines of business we have activated for download.Please refer to the Carrier NAIC list we provide because you will need to set up the list of carriers in your system. We recommend you only set up the carriers you currently have business with and add carriers as needed.
There are a couple of exceptions to this. American Modern, Aegis Security and RLI Insurance all write business through a sub-producer appointment. We do not have policy information in our system from these carriers so we are unable to download these policies to you.However, both American Modern and Aegis do offer download to sub-producers.
Click Here to sign up for American Modern download
Click Here to sign up for Aegis download

Each night, Tuscano transmits new or updated policy data to Ivans. This information is sorted and placed in your agency's Ivans mailbox. The policy data will be available for download into your agency management system the next morning.

The intent of policy data download is to update your agency management system (AMS) with a current version of the policy every time that policy materially changes. Regardless of the business transaction occurring (new business, policy change, etc.,) a full download version of the policy is provided when each transaction occurs. That download will include much of the data that would be displayed on the Declaration page and coverage decs, so by design it will overwrite what is stored in those fields within the AMS with the data provided in the download.

It is possible that the download would wipe out data if your agency is repurposing fields on the screens within your AMS. Fields that we do not populate in our download should not be wiped out in this process.

Best practice would be to review the download for a few of your policies so you can see what impact it may have on your existing system.If you find areas where data is being wiped out, it’s helpful to share that information with us so we can determine whether there is anything we can change that would improve your download experience.

No. There is no cost to you to enroll in Ivans Download. This is a value-added service Tuscano offers our customers.

If you currently are able to receive commercial and/or personal lines download from your carriers, then you should be able to receive download from Tuscano (aka MGA Resource when searching for the downloading carrier)

No. You may elect to receive personal lines only, commercial lines only or download for all policy types. You are unable to pick and choose specific policies within the downloading code.

No. We will not be sending an initial policy load. You will begin receiving policies as we issue a policy transaction.

Complete the registration form for Tuscano by visiting www.tuscano.com/Ivans/SignUp.
Configure your agency management system to receive Ivans Download from Tuscano per the information we provide on the Download Configuration page - www.tuscano.com/Ivans/DLConfig
IMPORTANT! The carrier you are downloading from will be listed as MGA Resource (our agency management system) not Tuscano.
  • Load the carrier / NAIC codes we provided - www.tuscano.com/Ivans/Carriers - Be sure to use the codes as they are shown on the list
  • If required by your management system, load the GL Coverage codes provided on the Download Configuration page - www.tuscano.com/Ivans/DLConfig
  • Look for an email from Tuscano advising that you are now "live" for policy download with Tuscano.

All of the details you will need to configure your system are provided on the Download Configuration page - www.tuscano.com/Ivans/DLConfig
Please refer to your agency management system recommended setup when configuring download for a brokerage entity and how you should manage the parent company/writing company configuration.

The most common reason will be there was no activity with Tuscano. Watch for the emails we send when the policy or mid/post term transactions are delivered. This will signal that a download transaction should follow the next morning.

Yes. You will need to have your Ivans Y-Account and Ivans UserID/Mailbox to access Ivans Download.

If you are not able to access Ivans Exchange and can’t find your Ivans ID (Y-Account), you should contact the Ivans Connections Team at: connections@ivans.com. You should include the following information in your email: agency name, contact name, contact email, contact phone number, and your agency management system vendor.
A representative from the Ivans Connections team will contact you and walk you through the Ivans Exchange registration process and help you find your Ivans ID (Y-Account).

If you do not currently receive Ivans Download, you should contact your agency management system vendor to enable Ivans Download in your agency management system.

Your first level of assistance is your agency management system vendor. They will handle any troubleshooting. If they determine the issue is with Ivans, they will conference in the Ivans customer service center and begin troubleshooting with you.

Ivans Connection Team: 1-855-233-9128 or connections@ivans.com.

If you need assistance from Tuscano, please email marketing@tuscano.com or call one of our marketing team reps for assistance.
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