Mon May 08 2023

Selling Insurance Over the Phone: What You Need to Know!

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Join us to learn why selling insurance over the phone is a skill that needs to be mastered!

Mon Apr 24 2023

Writing Flood without Using the F-Bomb!

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Join us as we share how easy flood insurance is with the Tuscano Agency. Flood expert, Jessica Waltenbaugh, shares tips and tricks to get your flood submission to the top of the stack!

Tue Apr 11 2023

Prospect Before the Lights Go Out

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Join us as we talk through the importance of prospecting and niche development.

Tue Mar 21 2023

Avoiding Whisper Down the Alley

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Ways to Effectively Collect Client Information

Mon Feb 27 2023

Cross-Selling Techniques that Actually Work!

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Don’t chicken out! Join us as we talk through cross-selling techniques that actually work!

Mon Feb 13 2023

Let’s Be Fair – Avoiding the Fair Plan

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Join us as we discuss unique alternatives for the hardest to place homes.

Mon Jan 16 2023

Interview with Personal Lines underwriter Carrie Bush - Sell Umbrella’s Before the Storm

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Join us as we share the differences and needs for personal umbrellas, CPL policies, and excess coverage.

Mon Jan 02 2023

Realistic New Year Resolutions

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Listen Up as we talk about setting and keeping resolutions!

Mon Dec 19 2022

All I Want for Christmas is Clear Communication

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Join us as we talk about providing clear communication as a service to team members.

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