Mon Aug 29 2022

Ways to Simplify Special Event Insurance

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Join us as we share the simplicity of managing special event risks with Suzie Montgomery.

Mon Aug 15 2022

Making Price Irrelevant

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Join us as we work through how to lead with anything but price!

Mon Aug 08 2022

Becoming Authentically Present

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Join us as we share how to stop the drifting mind and become authentically present in our interactions.

You do not want to miss our Motorsports CE; we'll be talking about Boats, Bikes, and Everything In Between!

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Mon Aug 01 2022

Dealing with Unreasonable Requests

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It happens to everyone – an unreasonable request. Join us as we discover how to assess, discover, and raise awareness in these awkward scenarios.

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Snowplows - Tuesday, August, 2nd @ 10 AM

Mon Jul 25 2022

Cyber Liability Confusion

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Join us as we talk through the need for cyber liability and how to share this coverage with prospects.

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Mon Jul 18 2022

Builder’s Risk Chat

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Join us as we talk builder’s risk and vacant policies with property underwriter Jessica Waltenbaugh.

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July 20th
July 27th

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Mon Jul 11 2022

What's Your Why and Why It's Important

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Today we will discover the importance of knowing your “why” both personally and professionally.

Mon Jun 27 2022

How to Sell Yourself

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Do you have an elevator pitch? Then, join us as we discuss how to sell yourself and your skill.

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Tuesday, July 11th, 10 AM

Mon Jun 20 2022

Energy Risks: What’s the Buzz About?

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Join us as we simplify energy risks and identify why you need to make this a focus in your agency.

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June 29th, 10 AM-11:30 AM

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