Mon Apr 04 2022

Binding Special Events with Nicole Beaver

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Join us as we master special events coverage with underwriter, Nicole Beaver!

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Mon Mar 28 2022

Trucking Talk with Ryan Moore

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Want to write more trucking business or get your submission to the top of the pile? Join us as we talk trucking with transportation underwriter, Ryan Moore.

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Mon Mar 21 2022

Interview Prep for Insurance Professionals

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Meet Tuscano Vice President of Human Resources, Elizabeth Ferrell!

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Mon Mar 14 2022

The Ego Conversation – Are You Coachable?

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Let’s talk through being open to learning and comfortable with being vulnerable.

Mon Mar 07 2022

Liquor Liability with Lily

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Join us as we talk about liquor liability and hospitability risks with Lily Tuscano!
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Mon Feb 28 2022

Connecting Virtually

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How to rock virtual meetings and create real connections.

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Mon Feb 21 2022

Highland Premium Finance Options

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Join us as we talk with the manager of Highland Premium Finance, Janet Leong, as she explains the unique financing solutions offered.

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Mon Feb 14 2022

Chatting with Personal Lines Underwriter Judi Brinton

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Join us as we talk through seasonal home risks with Judi Brinton.
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866-442-8063 ext. 405

Personal Lines Rater - https://www.tuscano.com/raters
View our Seasonal Home Solutions video recording and slides here.

Mon Feb 07 2022

Striving for Pain

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Join us as we talk with underwriter Joe Tierney about his insurance journey and how pain got him to where he is today.

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Be sure to join us on February 9th at 10 AM for our webinar Restaurants: It's More Than Just the Food CE with coverage review.
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