Fri Sep 15 2023

Delivering Difficult Messages Effectively

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Got something difficult to share? Does the thought of sharing a difficult message make you sweat? Join us as we walk through ways to reduce stress and sweat through this process!

Fri Sep 08 2023

Creative Trucking Insurance Solutions

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We discuss the importance of stand-alone physical damage coverage for transportation risks with commercial underwriter(s) Matt Barbera and Dana Crouse.

Tue Aug 08 2023

How to Be a Creative Problem Solver

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Join us as we talk through the types of thinkers we are and how to fix problems creatively!

Mon Jul 10 2023

What’s a Wearable Collection and How Do You Insure It?

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Let’s talk about wearable collections. Are you positive that you are covering these items properly for your clients?

Mon Jun 26 2023

Building Credibility and Why It’s Important

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How do you build trust with clients and prove your abilities? Join us as we discover ways to build credibility with prospects.

Mon Jun 12 2023

The Art of Negotiation

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Let’s talk about negotiation and conflict management – personally and professionally!

Mon May 08 2023

Selling Insurance Over the Phone: What You Need to Know!

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Join us to learn why selling insurance over the phone is a skill that needs to be mastered!

Mon Apr 24 2023

Writing Flood without Using the F-Bomb!

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Join us as we share how easy flood insurance is with the Tuscano Agency. Flood expert, Jessica Waltenbaugh, shares tips and tricks to get your flood submission to the top of the stack!

Tue Apr 11 2023

Prospect Before the Lights Go Out

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Join us as we talk through the importance of prospecting and niche development.

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