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Thu Jun 06 2024

Progressing Through Trucking Risks

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Join us for a real conversation with transportation underwriter Dana Crouse about dealing with the fast-paced remarketing of trucking risks.

Mon Feb 12 2024

Filling Up on Coverage – Let’s Talk About Dump Risks!

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Join us as we share details on all types of dump risks with transportation underwriter Dana Crouse.

Wed Jan 31 2024

Hard to Place Homes – We Have What You Need!

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Are you tired of markets saying no? Look no further. We have what you need for the hardest-to-place home risks. Join us as we chat with personal lines underwriter, Carrie Bush.

Thu Jan 11 2024

Resolutions: Why You Need One and How to Set It!

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Setting resolutions is great, keeping resolutions, is even better, and succeeding through a resolution is terrific! Join us as we uncover resolutions setting and achievement!

Thu Nov 09 2023

Removing Tone from Emails

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Join us as we share tips for removing tone from communications while focusing on perception.

Mon Oct 16 2023

Surviving the Hard Market

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Join us as we share tips on surviving through one of the hardest insurance markets in history.

Wed Oct 04 2023

The Importance of Building Credibility

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Listen in to learn why building credibility can bring great success!

Fri Sep 15 2023

Delivering Difficult Messages Effectively

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Got something difficult to share? Does the thought of sharing a difficult message make you sweat? Join us as we walk through ways to reduce stress and sweat through this process!

Fri Sep 08 2023

Creative Trucking Insurance Solutions

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We discuss the importance of stand-alone physical damage coverage for transportation risks with commercial underwriter(s) Matt Barbera and Dana Crouse.

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